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Are you worried about cancer, heart disease, diabetes?

These diseases are caused by DNA mutations, and can strike anyone, anytime.

GeneShield works at the molecular level, scanning your DNA 24/7, finding and repairing any rogue DNA mutations it finds, before they become life threatening. GeneShield is particularly effective when delivered to infants while in utero. At that early stage of development, diseases such as autism, mental retardation and asthma can be stopped in their tracks. See your doctor or pediatrician today, and find peace of mind in a needle. Be smart. Be safe. Get the shot.


If you feel you're as intelligent as you ever want to be, MindRight will be of no interest to you.

The rest of us (the smart ones) want our brains to run at peak performance. MindRight is a Neural Exciter. That is, it stimulates the electrical activity in your brain to process information and ideas faster. In today's high tech economy, a better brain means a better job, more money, and a higher quality of life. Upgrade today!


It's a violent, scary world out there. Prudence dictates you pack a little insurance.

Should you be physically attacked, the unique adrenaline signature your body generates will tell Discouragent to arm itself and assist in your defense. Once activated, Discouragent turns your entire body into a non lethal weapon. Simply touch your attacker's skin with any part of your own, and he'll be incapacitated instantly.

Discouragent first causes a burning, debilitating pain through nerve induction. Then, using the same skin pigment rewriting technology as our Lawgiver Tagger, your touch will leave a florescent red marking that can't be washed away. Your assailant's skin has actually turned color, marking him easily for Lawgiver apprehension. Why leave home without it?