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The world's first protection from all genetic diseases! GeneShield nanotechnology works inside you 24/7, monitoring your DNA for any abnormalities, then rewriting any rogue DNA sequences before they become life threatening.

Be smart. Be safe. Get the shot.

Lawgiver Tagger

When criminals run from Lawgivers, our molecular Tagger helps find them again. Once thrown at a subject, the Tagger melts into the skin, rewriting the fugitive's skin pigment into yellow/black stripes. It also uses the body's natural electric energy to broadcast a homing signal.

Criminals run, but can't hide.

Nutrient Seep

Why bother with the hassle of eating anymore? Our implantable Nutrient Seep slowly delivers all the nourishment your body needs, 24/7. No more cooking, cleaning dishes or bothersome dinner conversations. Guaranteed for 18 months*

Ask your doctor for it today!

Maximizing human value is a passion for us at ILS. We won't rest until we've done all we can to fix humanity.

Julia Anderson - CEO

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* Nutrient Seep duration assumes a daily caloric intake of 850 calories. Your needs may vary.